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ABOUT THE GAME Bricksburg is in ruins and Emmet’s friends have been taken! Team up with Emmet and a host of heroic characters to save their friends from the strange inhabitants of the Systar System. Journey into outer space, discover new worlds, and test your Master Building skills. Title: The LEGO Movie 2 VideogameGenre: AdventureRelease Date: 26 Feb, 2019 Support the software developers. BUY IT!• The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame-CODEXSize: 6.8 GB——————————- UPTOBOXThe.LEGO.Movie.2.Videogame-RELOADED.iso 1FICHIERThe.LEGO.Movie.2.Videogame-RELOADED.iso UPLOADHAVENThe.LEGO.Movie.2.Videogame-RELOADED.iso SENDITThe.LEGO.Movie.2.Videogame-RELOADED.iso MEGAUPThe.LEGO.Movie.2.Videogame-RELOADED.iso LETSUPLOADThe.LEGO.Movie.2.Videogame-RELOADED.iso FILESUPLOADThe.LEGO.Movie.2.Videogame-RELOADED.iso QFILESThe.LEGO.Movie.2.Videogame-RELOADED.iso USERSCLOUDThe.LEGO.Movie.2.Videogame-RELOADED.iso RAPIDGATORThe.LEGO.Movie.2.Videogame-RELOADED.iso NITROFLAREThe.LEGO.Movie.2.Videogame-RELOADED.iso TURBOBITThe.LEGO.Movie.2.Videogame-RELOADED.iso HITFILEThe.LEGO.Movie.2.Videogame-RELOADED.iso FILERIOThe.LEGO.Movie.2.Videogame-RELOADED.iso MIRRORACEThe.LEGO.Movie.2.Videogame-RELOADED.iso JHEBERGThe.LEGO.Movie.2.Videogame-RELOADED.iso MULTI LINKSThe.LEGO.Movie.2.Videogame-RELOADED.iso TORRENTThe.LEGO.Movie.2.Videogame-RELOADED.Torrent ANOTHER TORRENTThe.LEGO.Movie.2.Videogame-RELOADED.Torrent ANOTHER TORRENTThe.LEGO.Movie.2.Videogame-RELOADED.Torrent ANOTHER TORRENTThe.LEGO.Movie.2.Videogame-RELOADED.Torrent Enjoy MINIMUM: OS: Windows 7 Processor: Intel Core i3-4130 Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: Radeon R9 280X or GTX 660 Ti DirectX: Version 11 Network: Broadband Internet connection


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ABOUT THE GAME Return to an apocalyptic Earth in Darksiders III, a hack-n-slash Action Adventure where players assume the role of FURY in her quest to hunt down and dispose of the Seven Deadly Sins. The most enigmatic of the Four Horsemen, FURY must bring balance to the forces that now ravage Earth. Title: Darksiders III The CrucibleGenre: Action, Adventure, RPGRelease Date: 27 Feb, 2019 Support the software developers. BUY IT!• This release is standalone and includes all content and DLC from our previous releases and updates. Darksiders III The Crucible-CODEXSize: 22 GB——————————- UPTOBOXDarksiders.III.The.Crucible-CODEX.iso 1FICHIERDarksiders.III.The.Crucible-CODEX.iso UPLOADHAVENDarksiders.III.The.Crucible-CODEX.iso FILESUPLOADDarksiders.III.The.Crucible-CODEX.iso QFILESDarksiders.III.The.Crucible-CODEX.iso TURBOBITDarksiders.III.The.Crucible-CODEX.iso HITFILEDarksiders.III.The.Crucible-CODEX.iso TORRENTDarksiders.III.The.Crucible-CODEX.Torrent ANOTHER TORRENTDarksiders.III.The.Crucible-CODEX.Torrent ANOTHER TORRENTDarksiders.III.The.Crucible-CODEX.Torrent ANOTHER TORRENTDarksiders.III.The.Crucible-CODEX.Torrent Enjoy MINIMUM: OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 64 bit Processor: AMD FX-8320 (3,5


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ABOUT THE GAME A tactical adventure game combining the turn-based combat of XCOM with story, exploration, stealth, and strategy. Take control of a team of Mutants navigating a post-human Earth. Created by a team including former HITMAN leads and the designer of PAYDAY. Title: Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden Stalker TrialsGenre: Adventure, RPG, StrategyRelease Date: 26 Feb, 2019 Support the software developers. BUY IT!• This release is standalone. Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden Stalker Trials-CODEXSize: 6 GB——————————- MULTI ANOTHER ANOTHER Enjoy MINIMUM: Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system OS: Windows 7 64 Bit/ Windows 8 64


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ABOUT THE GAME Use the latest technology and state-of-the-art licensed machines to manage all aspects of modern farming. Travel between Europe, Asia, and both Americas to plant region-specific crops such as hemp, coffee beans, and olives. Farm your way thanks to three unique game modes tailored to both simulation veterans and newcomers to farming games. Title: Pure Farming 2018 Big MachinesGenre: SimulationRelease Date: 26 Feb, 2018 Support the software developers. BUY IT!• • This release is standalone and includes all content and DLC from previous releases and updates.• The game is updated to v1.4. Pure Farming 2018 Big Machines-PLAZASize: 2.9 GB——————————- UPTOBOXPure.Farming.2018.Big.Machines-PLAZA.iso 1FICHIERPure.Farming.2018.Big.Machines-PLAZA.iso UPLOADHAVENPure.Farming.2018.Big.Machines-PLAZA.iso SENDITPure.Farming.2018.Big.Machines-PLAZA.iso DL.FREEPure.Farming.2018.Big.Machines-PLAZA.iso TUSFILESPure.Farming.2018.Big.Machines-PLAZA.iso MEGAUPPure.Farming.2018.Big.Machines-PLAZA.iso LETSUPLOADPure.Farming.2018.Big.Machines-PLAZA.iso FILESUPLOADPure.Farming.2018.Big.Machines-PLAZA.iso QFILESPure.Farming.2018.Big.Machines-PLAZA.iso CLICKNUPLOADPure.Farming.2018.Big.Machines-PLAZA.iso DAILYUPLOADPure.Farming.2018.Big.Machines-PLAZA.iso USERSCLOUDPure.Farming.2018.Big.Machines-PLAZA.iso RAPIDGATORPure.Farming.2018.Big.Machines-PLAZA.iso NITROFLAREPure.Farming.2018.Big.Machines-PLAZA.iso TURBOBITPure.Farming.2018.Big.Machines-PLAZA.iso HITFILEPure.Farming.2018.Big.Machines-PLAZA.iso FILERIOPure.Farming.2018.Big.Machines-PLAZA.iso MIRRORACEPure.Farming.2018.Big.Machines-PLAZA.iso JHEBERGPure.Farming.2018.Big.Machines-PLAZA.iso


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ABOUT THE GAME APE OUT is a wildly intense and colorfully stylized smash ‘em up about primal escape, rhythmic violence, and frenetic jazz. Build up nearly unstoppable momentum and use your captors as both weapons and shields to crush everyone on your procedurally generated path to freedom. Title: APE OUTGenre: Action, IndieRelease Date: 28 Feb, 2019 Support the software developers. BUY IT!• Ape Out-Razor1911Size: 980 MB——————————- MEGAApe.Out-Razor1911.iso UPTOBOXApe.Out-Razor1911.iso 1FICHIERApe.Out-Razor1911.iso UPLOADHAVENApe.Out-Razor1911.iso SENDITApe.Out-Razor1911.iso DL.FREEApe.Out-Razor1911.iso TUSFILESApe.Out-Razor1911.iso OPENLOADApe.Out-Razor1911.iso MEGAUPApe.Out-Razor1911.iso LETSUPLOADApe.Out-Razor1911.iso FILESUPLOADApe.Out-Razor1911.iso BDUPLOADApe.Out-Razor1911.iso QFILESApe.Out-Razor1911.iso CLICKNUPLOADApe.Out-Razor1911.iso FILECLOUDApe.Out-Razor1911.iso DAILYUPLOADApe.Out-Razor1911.iso USERSCLOUDApe.Out-Razor1911.iso RAPIDGATORApe.Out-Razor1911.iso NITROFLAREApe.Out-Razor1911.iso TURBOBITApe.Out-Razor1911.iso HITFILEApe.Out-Razor1911.iso FILERIOApe.Out-Razor1911.iso MIRRORACEApe.Out-Razor1911.iso JHEBERGApe.Out-Razor1911.iso GO4UPApe.Out-Razor1911.iso KATFILEApe.Out-Razor1911.iso MULTI LINKSApe.Out-Razor1911.iso INDISHAREApe.Out-Razor1911.iso 9XUPLOADApe.Out-Razor1911.iso TORRENTUploading……… Enjoy MINIMUM: OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 x64 Processor: Intel Core2 Duo E4500 (2 * 2200) or equivalent Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: GeForce 9600


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ABOUT THE GAME The perfect companion for a hunter with a full day planned, the 20GA Semi-auto is a versatile arm for a demanding shooter. The Nordin 20SA expertly regulates gas pressure for reliability and fantastic handling on all of its loads. Title: theHunter Call of the Wild 2019 EditionGenre: Adventure, Simulation, SportsRelease Date: 28 Feb, 2019 Support the software developers. BUY IT!• This release is standalone and includes all content and DLC from our previous releases and updates. theHunter Call of the Wild 2019 Edition-CODEXSize: 22 GB——————————- UPTOBOXtheHunter.Call.of.the.Wild.2019.Edition-CODEX.iso 1FICHIERtheHunter.Call.of.the.Wild.2019.Edition-CODEX.iso UPLOADHAVENtheHunter.Call.of.the.Wild.2019.Edition-CODEX.iso FILESUPLOADtheHunter.Call.of.the.Wild.2019.Edition-CODEX.iso TURBOBITtheHunter.Call.of.the.Wild.2019.Edition-CODEX.iso HITFILEtheHunter.Call.of.the.Wild.2019.Edition-CODEX.iso TORRENTtheHunter.Call.of.the.Wild.2019.Edition-CODEX.Torrent ANOTHER TORRENTtheHunter.Call.of.the.Wild.2019.Edition-CODEX.Torrent ANOTHER TORRENTtheHunter.Call.of.the.Wild.2019.Edition-CODEX.Torrent Enjoy MINIMUM: OS: 64bit OS – Windows 7 Processor: Intel i3-4170 Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 660 / ATI HD7870 – 1GB VRAM


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ABOUT THE GAME Two brothers Sean and Daniel Diaz, are forced to run away from home after a tragic incident in Seattle. In fear of the police, Sean & Daniel head to Mexico while attempting to conceal a sudden & mysterious supernatural power. Title: Life is Strange 2 – Episode 2Genre: AdventureRelease Date: 24 Jan, 2019 Support the software developers. BUY IT!•                                                               • The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit                              • Life Is Strange 2 Episode


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ABOUT THE GAME Dive into a transformed vibrant post-apocalyptic Hope County, Montana, 17 years after a global nuclear catastrophe. Lead the fight against the Highwaymen, as they seek to take over the last remaining resources. Title: Far Cry New DawnGenre: Action, AdventureRelease Date: 15 Feb, 2019 Support the software developers. BUY IT!• This release includes the Day 1 patch and HD textures. Far Cry New Dawn-CODEXSize: 39 GB——————————- MINIMUM: OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64bit versions only) Processor: Intel Core i5 2400 @ 3.1 GHz or AMD FX 6350 @ 3.9 GHz Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 (2GB) or AMD Radeon R9 270X (2GB) or better Storage: 30 GB available space Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card


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ABOUT THE GAME Welcome to the ‘Ultimate Off-Road’ experience! All with realistic physics, vehicles and open world – for you to explore. Search for supplies and fuel, repair your car and traverse through wildness of distant Alaska – void of any tracks or roads. Only your map, sense and skills – can lead the way. Title: Ultra Off-Road Simulator 2019: AlaskaGenre: Action, Casual, Indie, Racing, Simulation, SportsRelease Date: 22 Feb, 2019 Support the software developers. BUY IT!• Ultra Off Road Simulator 2019 Alaska-RELOADEDSize: 1.6 GB——————————- UPTOBOXUltra.Off.Road.Simulator.2019.Alaska-RELOADED.iso 1FICHIERUltra.Off.Road.Simulator.2019.Alaska-RELOADED.iso UPLOADHAVENUltra.Off.Road.Simulator.2019.Alaska-RELOADED.iso SENDITUltra.Off.Road.Simulator.2019.Alaska-RELOADED.iso DL.FREEUltra.Off.Road.Simulator.2019.Alaska-RELOADED.iso MEGAUPUltra.Off.Road.Simulator.2019.Alaska-RELOADED.iso LETSUPLOADUltra.Off.Road.Simulator.2019.Alaska-RELOADED.iso BDUPLOADUltra.Off.Road.Simulator.2019.Alaska-RELOADED.iso QFILESUltra.Off.Road.Simulator.2019.Alaska-RELOADED.iso CLICKNUPLOADUltra.Off.Road.Simulator.2019.Alaska-RELOADED.iso DAILYUPLOADUltra.Off.Road.Simulator.2019.Alaska-RELOADED.iso RAPIDGATORUltra.Off.Road.Simulator.2019.Alaska-RELOADED.iso NITROFLAREUltra.Off.Road.Simulator.2019.Alaska-RELOADED.iso TURBOBITUltra.Off.Road.Simulator.2019.Alaska-RELOADED.iso HITFILEUltra.Off.Road.Simulator.2019.Alaska-RELOADED.iso FILERIOUltra.Off.Road.Simulator.2019.Alaska-RELOADED.iso MIRRORACEUltra.Off.Road.Simulator.2019.Alaska-RELOADED.iso JHEBERGUltra.Off.Road.Simulator.2019.Alaska-RELOADED.iso GO4UPUltra.Off.Road.Simulator.2019.Alaska-RELOADED.iso KATFILEUltra.Off.Road.Simulator.2019.Alaska-RELOADED.iso MULTI LINKSUltra.Off.Road.Simulator.2019.Alaska-RELOADED.iso INDISHAREUltra.Off.Road.Simulator.2019.Alaska-RELOADED.iso 9XUPLOADUltra.Off.Road.Simulator.2019.Alaska-RELOADED.iso TORRENTUltra.Off.Road.Simulator.2019.Alaska-RELOADED.Torrent ANOTHER TORRENTUltra.Off.Road.Simulator.2019.Alaska-RELOADED.Torrent ANOTHER TORRENTUltra.Off.Road.Simulator.2019.Alaska-RELOADED.Torrent Enjoy MINIMUM: OS: Windows 7 Processor: i5

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